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How does FIA SDC’s AI technology work?

FIA SDC’s scoring system calculates how safe and eco-friendly your driving is. It does this by assessing your driving in real-time, using Greater Than’s unique pattern AI technology. The higher the score, the safer and more eco-friendly your ride. But how does the technology work?

We see risk differently

Many other safe driving apps measure driving “events” such as harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering, to categorize risk. However, these have little or no correlation to crash risk when used in isolation. That’s why FIA SDC uses real-time data analysis to measure every second of driving.


Our AI technology is trained on real vehicle data

Greater Than’s pattern AI uses a machine learning system trained on real vehicle data and pattern recognition. To date, it has identified over 7 billion different ways to drive a vehicle. These patterns, along with actual crash statistics correlated to individual DriverDNAs, allow us to identify your crash risk and levels of saving in CO2 emissions.


It’s like facial recognition for drivers

In the same way that facial recognition compares a person’s facial signature to a database of known faces, Greater Than’s pattern AI compares your individual DriverDNA to a database of real-life trips. FIA SDC makes millions of analyses per hour, compared to hundreds using traditional telematics.


Data is collected via GPS

FIA SDC uses GPS to collect real-time, per-second driving data for every trip you make. The GPS data is analyzed and transformed into a unique DriverDNA. This is compared to the databased of over 7 billion DriverDNA to immediately determine your FIA SDC score.


Our AI is unbiased

The AI technology used in FIA SDC is consistent across all vehicle types and locations, providing a universal measure of driving risk. It also works in all vehicle types and all energy types, including fossil-fueled, hybrid, or electric cars. All you need to do to get started is connect the app to your car via Bluetooth. No extra equipment is needed to get on the road to smarter driving!

Encourage safe, eco-friendly driving with the FIA Smart Driving Challenge

The FIA SDC is a global challenge that rewards smart, safe and eco-friendly driving.

The challenge was created by the FIA in collaboration with Greater Than, to encourage everyday motorists to adopt smarter, cleaner, and safer driving behaviour.

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Read more about the challenge here.

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